Friday, December 28, 2012

to ye future


A Happy New Year to you! I hope your Christmas was wonderful. 

I love this week in between Christmas and New Years. There is really not too much you can do. Too early to put decorations away (I like having them up for New Years), you can take your time putting away gifts, finishing off the Christmas cookies and enjoying your new books and movies. 

Here are a couple of New Years postcards I am very fond of. Here's to 2013! May it have lots of wonderful and joyous surprises.


Today is Postcard Friendship Friday. You can visit Beth's blog The Best Hearts are Crunchy and see more posts from postcard blogs, most likely with a New Years theme.


  1. My newspaper subscribers would not be happy with me if I were to be delivering their New Year's Day paper with a horn :)
    Happy New Year to you. These cards are cute (I don't have any like these to share this year, but I am sure I will find some in 2013!)

  2. I feel like singing that line -- 'ring in prosperity, joy, and cheer' the whole day!

    Cheers for 2013! Happy new year!

  3. These postcards are absolutely wonderful! Thank you SO much for sharing these beauties!

    Happy New Year, and happy PFF! ((hugs))