Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a handsome card in every pound

sailboat trade card

One of the reasons I am drawn to Victorian scrap, trade cards and rewards of merit is because I love the idea that just a lovely piece of paper was a prize.

Around 1876 color printing became accessible and affordable. This is when trading and collecting scrap paper became very popular. This led to the a big trend in scrapbooks beginning around the 1880's.

columbia cofee

This is an advertising trade card made around 1880-1890. These decorated paper cards were so sought after that businesses made them just to give away. They figured you would be less likely to forget them if you had a pretty item with their name and business on the back.

This company Closset & Devers sold spices, coffee and tea in Portland. They were the first firm in the Northwest to make use of vacuum coffee can.

This image below taken about 1905 and the information about Closset & Devers was found on Old Oregon Photos. A neat site!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

let's go to bakersfield

holiday inn bakersfrield

I have never stayed at this motel in Bakersfield and in fact I have only been to Bakersfield a couple times. However, this postcard makes me nostalgic and it makes me want to go there. It so sparkly and welcoming with the 1970's cars and the palm trees. Check out the blurb on the back......I don't recall any scenic delights....I remember hot. And more hot.

Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday bird

birthday bird

From Papa 1908
on the back:

addressed to Wilbur Westervelt, 646 Monroe Ave, City

It kills me when they just put City in for the town's name. I am guessing this would be like someone sending a postcard to Portland from a farm town 60 miles away.

This postcard was made in Germany and is really pretty. The bird is raised and sort of a fuzzy fabric. It must have been so beautiful new. It is in good shape. Someone took care of it for a long time.

I am posting a birthday postcard for The Best Hearts are Crunchy. She hosts the Postcard Friendship Friday and is having a birthday this Monday. Happy Birthday!!

You might want to make a little visit to her blog and see all the other blogs who have posted today for PFF.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

follow me down to the rose parade

The Rose Festival is going on right now in Portland. Although I really don't take part in it, I have a fondness for it. I like things that are unique to cities. Especially my adopted city, of course.

I thought this would be a good time to post a couple Rose Festival related items I have collected. These photos are from the mid-Fifities and they came in a full album. I bought the album at an Antique store on the Oregon Coast about 8 years ago.

You can see the banner on the hat of the man, it says Rosarian. I love the Rosarians. They were marching in the Starlight Parade last night. Below is the text from their website.

The Royal Rosarians are the official greeters and ambassadors of goodwill for the City of Portland, Oregon. Royal Rosarians welcome visiting dignitaries from around the world, host hundreds of out-of-town visitors, march in parades throughout the region, and perform ceremonial rose plantings in honor of worthy individuals both in Portland and during Rosarian ambassadorial trips to distant cities throughout the world. Organized in 1912, the Royal Rosarians are a non-profit, civic organization. All services rendered by its members are gratuitous.

I don't know for sure that these pictures were taken during The Rose Festival, but let's just say they were. They are planting rose bushes. I love that the boy is dressed like a Rosarian.

rosarian and rose planting

rose festival kids

And here is a postcard I got only a few months ago at a Postcard Club meeting.

rose festival postcard

It was sent to Vincennes, Indiana and is written in pencil. Some is hard to read.

June 14 1923

Dear Clarence and Darvell (not sure about last name),

We came to Portland with Em and Will in car...to see the Rose Festival Parade at 2:30 pm. It is now 1pm. You've never seen such a crowd, the city is packed. 5th grade kids selling boxes for seats on side walk to the highest bidder. Such fun. We leave tonight 11:30pm for Seattle, stay 2 days, then Spokane. I should love to hear from you, but will see you soon.

Bye bye Love,