Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello September

It's a tiny travesty that I haven't done a blog post on here since the beginning of June. The summer was much busier than I expected and now it's September and truthfully, I'm glad.

One of the reasons I've been busy is that I have a new job. When I was cleaning up my office today I found an old photo I got a few months ago. It seemed appropriate to post it now not just because of my new job but in honor of Labor Day. Having this extra day off gave me a chance to catch up on life a little bit more and I'm grateful for that.

I seem to collect images of people at work. Often offices. I like office party photos, too.  These one below is an 8x10 and it's great to take a good long look at.

It looks like this was a newspaper and I'm guessing the guy in the middle is the editor. He seems to be the only person expecting a photo to be taken. Some interesting expressions here.

I particularly like this vignette and wonder what was going on there.

Hope you had a great Labor Day. I posted a couple new things in the shop today. More to come!