Saturday, April 28, 2012

Collecting: Playing Music & Instrument Photos

Last weekend was The annual Webfooters Club Postcard Show and Auction. The auction and dinner was fun as usual and I got a binder of Real Photo Postcards and some Victorian Calling Cards I should adding to the Etsy shop in the future. The Saturday and Sunday show was fun. I helped with the Silent Auction on Sunday and that was crazy busy. People got some amazing stuff for very very little money (like a few dollars!).

Something people talk about a lot at these shows is what you or they collect. The things people can collect can be incredibly refined to very open. Like someone might only collect images of two people dancing while wearing hats and someone else might collect bridges.

I never know how to answer the question, because I kind of collect anything that really moves me, although of course there are many themes to what that is.

Something I have noticed lots of people collect are images of people with instruments. Maybe they collect specifically violins or tubas or maybe it is just any instruments or bands.

I have a few images in the shop right now of people and their instruments. I really like them and could see how they would be the perfect gift for a music lover, teacher or musician.

This is a 5x7 photo. I like seeing the sheet music and the things on the TV. Of course the cat is awesome, too

This can't get much better. Perfect for the honky tonk fan

This is a set of 3 photos of this band - who looks like they sound great!

I am still deciding what to say when people ask what I collect. What do you collect specific images of and why? I love hearing the why part. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Postcard & Photo Show this Weekend!

This weekend is the Annual Webfooters Postcard Show and Sale.

The Show and Sale consists of a room full of postcard, antique photo and paper enthusiasts visiting, buying and selling old images all day long.

You can see some really interesting things there. Things like old Portland trolley advertising signs, sheets of vintage mug shots, vintage menu's and magazines, maps, directories, brochures, lots of pictures of long gone places all over the world - maybe even your home town, and bins and bins of postcards and photos for as little as 25 cents each!

There will also be a silent auction this weekend. Make sure you get a look at all the tables with the silent auctions and sign up for anything that interests you. Here's a list of the items that will be offered.

Another feature of the weekend Webfooters show is that the Bridal Veil Post Office will be there. They will have stamps to sell and usually have a special cancellation. They may only be there one of the days. If you catch them, please buy some postage from them. This small post office is always at risk of being closed and the sales they do at the Webfooter's Show every year helps them keep afloat.

It'll be a fun weekend. I know it's supposed to sunny in Portland this weekend, but a couple of hours looking at postcards can only add to your good feelings. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ways to Display your Vintage Postcards and Photographs

A little while ago a Facebook friend of mine posted a photo of a display she did in her new office. I loved what she did with the old drawers and it made me start thinking about all the ways you can display your favorite old postcards and photographs.

I began a pin board for ideas I found that I especially liked. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

This is a neat way to display studio portraits. The wood hangers would probably not damage the photo, but other hangers could easily create indentations, so be careful of using clips. You can find the listing for this hanger here.

This is a great way to be able to easily change images your displaying. I like the idea that the color of the shutter can really enhance your space and the images.

I love the display here from Country Living Magazine. The brown with that bold blue wall looks great. Putting lots of like images together make a great large impact.

Some vintage frames, painted and strung with ribbon can be a good way to display your collection of old photos. I would use mini-clothespins, which would probably be the least harsh on the photos. Image is from Birch and Bird blog.

If you want to follow to see more you can see what I have so far on my Pinterest Board - Vintage Postcards and Photo Displays

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Greeting for Easter Day

easter postcard

I'm very fond of this lovely and modern style Easter postcard from 1910.  I love the sweet greeting poem.too.

I'm not sure what these buds are. Maybe magnolia buds? I was at my mother's house yesterday and saw her Magnolia bush and the buds looked a lot like these.

This postcard was sent to Mary in Lowell, Mass from another Mary. She seems a little peeved that Mary hasn't written her back since her recent move, but still wishes her and her husband a Happy Easter. It looks like Mary's new old house is still standing.

Happy Spring and Easter to all of you!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.