Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Design of this Tag is Perfection

This repair tag from Grand Electric Co. is the most favorite piece of ephemera I own. The design is sublime; the bright yellow, with nonly the deep black, every squiggle and font. Maybe one day I will blow it up into a poster. 

I wish I was friends with Aaron Draplin, because I think he would love this. Have you seen this Aaron?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I have been going through all my ephemera collections lately. You wouldn't know it by the quietness on this blog, but I have actually been immersed in my collections of vintage photos, postcards and ephemera.

I've been taking some pics as I discover little collections here and there. Here are some I've discovered. It's funny how you don't realize your collecting something sometimes until you see you've got several of a theme.  I like that.

Vintage Elephant Valentines on The Cedar Chest blog
I was pleased to discover I have a collection of Elephant Valentines.

Vintage Photos of Shops on The Cedar Chest blog
I'm always attracted to photos of shops. I love to see the merchandise and displays.

Selection of Dance Program and Cards Collection on The Cedar Chest blog
This is a selection of the dance cards and dance programs I've collected. 
A collection of photos I've used in zines on The cedar Chest blog
These photos are photos I've used in zines. They stand out to me amoungst the rest like they have day glo-paint. I am so familiar with them.