Saturday, April 28, 2012

Collecting: Playing Music & Instrument Photos

Last weekend was The annual Webfooters Club Postcard Show and Auction. The auction and dinner was fun as usual and I got a binder of Real Photo Postcards and some Victorian Calling Cards I should adding to the Etsy shop in the future. The Saturday and Sunday show was fun. I helped with the Silent Auction on Sunday and that was crazy busy. People got some amazing stuff for very very little money (like a few dollars!).

Something people talk about a lot at these shows is what you or they collect. The things people can collect can be incredibly refined to very open. Like someone might only collect images of two people dancing while wearing hats and someone else might collect bridges.

I never know how to answer the question, because I kind of collect anything that really moves me, although of course there are many themes to what that is.

Something I have noticed lots of people collect are images of people with instruments. Maybe they collect specifically violins or tubas or maybe it is just any instruments or bands.

I have a few images in the shop right now of people and their instruments. I really like them and could see how they would be the perfect gift for a music lover, teacher or musician.

This is a 5x7 photo. I like seeing the sheet music and the things on the TV. Of course the cat is awesome, too

This can't get much better. Perfect for the honky tonk fan

This is a set of 3 photos of this band - who looks like they sound great!

I am still deciding what to say when people ask what I collect. What do you collect specific images of and why? I love hearing the why part. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I wish I had been at the sale and auction. I collect anything that strikes my fancy - just like you.
    Love the musical photos.

  2. I collect a variety of things. Postcards tend to be about specific areas of genealogical research or I places that mean something to me.

    I also collect Map cards, cards with recipes on them and I have a collection of pasta cards. I quite like collecting cards produced to commemorate an event.

  3. I like the first picture best -- I can just hear that old upright piano right now.

  4. Kiss Me Kiddo! Does anyone know the words?

  5. I collect a lot of different kinds of postcards. Some topics I look for all the time, but I also buy a lot of things because they just appeal to me.

  6. I was there too, but with a time limit. My spouse can only stand being there for so long. I don't know what to tell people I collect either. Whatever catches my interest, I guess.