Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Postcard & Photo Show this Weekend!

This weekend is the Annual Webfooters Postcard Show and Sale.

The Show and Sale consists of a room full of postcard, antique photo and paper enthusiasts visiting, buying and selling old images all day long.

You can see some really interesting things there. Things like old Portland trolley advertising signs, sheets of vintage mug shots, vintage menu's and magazines, maps, directories, brochures, lots of pictures of long gone places all over the world - maybe even your home town, and bins and bins of postcards and photos for as little as 25 cents each!

There will also be a silent auction this weekend. Make sure you get a look at all the tables with the silent auctions and sign up for anything that interests you. Here's a list of the items that will be offered.

Another feature of the weekend Webfooters show is that the Bridal Veil Post Office will be there. They will have stamps to sell and usually have a special cancellation. They may only be there one of the days. If you catch them, please buy some postage from them. This small post office is always at risk of being closed and the sales they do at the Webfooter's Show every year helps them keep afloat.

It'll be a fun weekend. I know it's supposed to sunny in Portland this weekend, but a couple of hours looking at postcards can only add to your good feelings. Hope to see you there!

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