Wednesday, November 30, 2011

christmas gift subscriptions

Here's some Christmas gift inspiration from the past for you.

Magazines are still the best, if you ask me. I love the internet and kindles and all that, but I guess you can guess that above all I love paper. Maybe I'll give some magazine subscriptions this year. It's the gift you get all year long!

Below is a subscription card for giving the music magazine Downbeat from 1940. This magazine still exists and seems to be going strong. I love the illustrations and hand lettering on this.

record club for christmas gift

record club gift 1940

What you see below is the beautiful and intricate cover (opened up) from a gift subscription for card for a 5 year subscription to the Farm Journal of Philadelphia. Pretty good gift.

magazine subscription for christmas gift cover

The sentiment written here is great. "You will find it full of instruction and sunshine". Nice. Speed the Plow.
magazine subscription inside

Are you getting some shopping done yet? I've gotten a couple of things.

If you're looking for more Christmas inspiration, I've listed more Christmas postcards on the Etsy shop this week.

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  1. Where can I sign up to get the Farm Journal of Philadelphia? I did get three subscriptions for the price of one from Smithsonian. Not bad.