Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday bird

birthday bird

From Papa 1908
on the back:

addressed to Wilbur Westervelt, 646 Monroe Ave, City

It kills me when they just put City in for the town's name. I am guessing this would be like someone sending a postcard to Portland from a farm town 60 miles away.

This postcard was made in Germany and is really pretty. The bird is raised and sort of a fuzzy fabric. It must have been so beautiful new. It is in good shape. Someone took care of it for a long time.

I am posting a birthday postcard for The Best Hearts are Crunchy. She hosts the Postcard Friendship Friday and is having a birthday this Monday. Happy Birthday!!

You might want to make a little visit to her blog and see all the other blogs who have posted today for PFF.


  1. City means that the address is in the same city as that in which the item is mailed.

  2. What a beautiful card! It just doesn't look 100 years old at all.

  3. Oh, whoops. Thanks, Postcardy. That was my other guess. ;-)

  4. Unusual card...

    If you find a postcard with wild mammal(s), and it might be available for swap with me, please let me know.

  5. What beautiful colors on this card!

    An interesting note on 'city' - I read a series of books written from 1918 to 1935 by a certain author, and she never ever referred to what city or state she set her stories in. When her characters addressed a letter, it was always 'city'.

    Anyway, Happy PFF - a little late!

  6. Oh, my GOODNESS! I LOVE this postcard! WOW! Happy PFF--and thank you for sharing this beauty with us.