Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ghost in the Woods

I bought this real photo postcard many years ago when I was still in California. I liked the image of the woman with the bonnet walking fast through the woods. It wasn't until over ten years later that I realized that I don't think there is a woman in a bonnet - and who wore a bonnet in 1925 anyway, but it is just an illusion made from the dark shadows of the creek in the background - or is it?

I still feel like I see her more clearly than the woods alone. She seems to be carrying something. Do you see her? Is it a person, an illusion or a ghost? Please tell me your opinion.

Vintage Postcard - Is there a woman in the woods here? The Cedar Chest blog

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Cedar Chest Blog Lives! Now on Instagram, too.

I have neglected this blog for too long. I could blame it on moving, but that was just part of it.  But, the good news is that I am now in a new home with a cleaner office and I am now going to (I swear) finally organize my large ephemera collection, which will include, of course, adding more beauties to the shop.

I also started an Instagram account for The Cedar Chest.  You can follow me on there are see pretty things almost daily. Here is a little sneak peek of what I have posted so far on Instagram. I hope to see you there!

A collection of ephemera from the_cedar_chest_ephemera instagram

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Design of this Tag is Perfection

This repair tag from Grand Electric Co. is the most favorite piece of ephemera I own. The design is sublime; the bright yellow, with nonly the deep black, every squiggle and font. Maybe one day I will blow it up into a poster. 

I wish I was friends with Aaron Draplin, because I think he would love this. Have you seen this Aaron?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I have been going through all my ephemera collections lately. You wouldn't know it by the quietness on this blog, but I have actually been immersed in my collections of vintage photos, postcards and ephemera.

I've been taking some pics as I discover little collections here and there. Here are some I've discovered. It's funny how you don't realize your collecting something sometimes until you see you've got several of a theme.  I like that.

Vintage Elephant Valentines on The Cedar Chest blog
I was pleased to discover I have a collection of Elephant Valentines.

Vintage Photos of Shops on The Cedar Chest blog
I'm always attracted to photos of shops. I love to see the merchandise and displays.

Selection of Dance Program and Cards Collection on The Cedar Chest blog
This is a selection of the dance cards and dance programs I've collected. 
A collection of photos I've used in zines on The cedar Chest blog
These photos are photos I've used in zines. They stand out to me amoungst the rest like they have day glo-paint. I am so familiar with them.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Using Vintage Christmas Cards for Christmas Decorations

Using vintage postcards to decorate for Christmas - The Cedar Chest blog

I saw this image in the latest issue of Country Living and wanted to share it. I love how they use clothespins to attach some vintage (and not vintage) Christmas cards.

I see vintage postcards used as decor props in magazines all the time. If you need ideas of how to display your postcard collection my Pinterest board about it has lots of great ideas. Also, another fun way to display vintage postcards is to make a garland.

I've been adding a bunch of new vintage Christmas postcards to the shop. Most are over a hundred years. Check out the shop for some really lovely Christmas and New Years Vintage postcards and cards. More to be added soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Make a Holiday Banner from Vintage Postcards

vintage postcard garland - make one from you vintage postcard collection - The Cedar Chest blog
Click to see larger

Although I use vintage postcards in all kinds of projects and even though I have a huge collection, I don't often display postcards or ephemera in my house. I guess I don't want them to get worn or damaged. However, I should start showing them off more, if for no other reason so that I can enjoy looking at them!

Here is a easy, cheap way to show off your vintage postcard collection without damaging the originals.  Just scan and print the postcards you like on cardstock. I used 90 pound, because that's what I had, but something heavier would be better. Then use a hole punch and string with some pretty ribbon or yarn.

make a vintage postcard Christmas banner - The Cedar Chest Etsy Shop and blog

In the banner above I used a collection of unique and different Christmas postcards I liked, but you could make the a banner more unified by using all Santa postcards or all carolers or all snow scenes.

And you don't have to stop at Christmas, make a Thanksgiving banner, a New years one or an Easter one. Make one with any vintage postcard or photo collection you have. A banner of all linen postcards of the desert or the seaside would look cool. Also, one of all vintage family pictures would look great.

All you need is a color printer. I have a pretty old inkjet Canon MP600 which still works great. 

If you need to add to your postcard collection, I am adding new holiday postcards all the time in the shop.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Heads Up, 7up!

A recent click-through visit to a website of a cook book store in New York made me remember all the great cooking pamphlets I have in my collection. So, I decided to dust off the old blog and share a couple with you.

It's a hot weekend in Portland, like 100° weather hot.  So, these recipe books from 7up looked appealing to me.  So refreshing! I love the illustrations and colors. I also really like 7up, so maybe I'll try some of these. Sometimes I mix juice (and sometimes vodka) with 7up. It may not be a legit recipe, but I recommend it.

Vintage 7up Recipe Booklet from 1965 on The Cedar Chest blog

This booklet is half page size and has the recipes in it shown below.

Inside 7up booklet from 1965 on The Cedar Chest blog

It also has recipes for Beef Stronganoff, Tuna Chow Mein, Sophisticated Baked Beans, Fudge Sauce and more. I get baking cakes and glazing ham with 7up, but not so sure about all these other things.

Vintage 7up 1/4 size recipe booklet on The Cedar Chest blog

This pamphlet is 1/4 size and has some of the recipes in the larger one. It also recommends putting 7up in milk! Um, yeah, I'll pass.

Inside a Vintage 7up 1/4 size recipe booklet on The Cedar Chest blog