Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your New Years Book

Happy New Year! Thanks so much for following this little blog of mine. I have really enjoyed sharing my collection on here and on Flickr and I appreciate it so much when you take a moment to comment. I am looking forward to all kinds of neat things to share in the new year.

Here are three sweet New Years wishes for you on this last day of 2009. I wish for you all that is written here. Why, hello there 2010.

new year wishes

This above postcard was sent to Mrs David on South Ivanhoe St in Portland. There is no street number and no stamp or postmark. The sender wrote the date at the bottom, Jan 5th 1925. She wrote:

Dear Mrs David,

May Heaven Richest Blessings be yours for the coming new year.

Mrs Lucinda Jones

new years book

blue new years

This one above says on the back.

To Opal
From "Buckle's"

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