Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Wishes

I am so excited that it is Christmas and I can share all my Christmas postcards with you. Vintage Christmas cards are one of the things I gravitate toward and I have more than a few. I think I like Christmas images so much because they are always so cozy. And cozy is one of my favorite things. Also, many Holiday postcards use some of my favorite images in artwork: houses (lit from within with smoke coming from the chimney), snow covered hills, trees, pinecones and lanterns.

Vintage postcards often have the sweetest messages on them, the kind that they don't have anymore. I also have a small collection of found Christmas photos. I look forward to showing you those, too.

I have to get busy to get all this in before Christmas is over!

My first choice is this sweet and "ernest" card from the 20's. The moon is metallic gold. It is hard to see that in the scan. The choice of just the reds and the gold is so nice and that lantern just makes it perfect.


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