Saturday, December 19, 2009

from Our House to Yours

Christmas is fast approaching and I am running out of time to post all the many Christmas postcards and photos I have. Oh, well, I guess that leaves more for next year. Just today I got a whole new handful at the Webfooters Postcard Club Meeting and Christmas Potluck.

So, I am going to ramp up the posting. Here are three.

This first one is of a quality I never see. It is incredibly beautifully done. Both of the circles are raised and the little circles around them are slightly raised, too. The paper feels more like a photo than a postcard. And, as you can see the pine boughs and berries are painted. These people had some serious money. It was printed in Britain and it says "Rotary Photographic Series". There is no postmark or date. On the back is written:

Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year. From Ada to Grand Pa


This next one has a long message on the back and it fills out the whole card, so it was not mailed as a postcard. It is doesn't have a name it is addressed to it. it just says:

Thought you might like a picture of our old family home, tho you can see it anytime....It belongs to Edward and me now. Our Howell grandparents and family came there May 14 1884 so my mother had lived there 70 years lacking 2 days when she died May 12 1954. Mamma and Aunt Frank had a private school in the parlors...Hope you are well. Florence Anne coming for Christmas, then going to Sun Valley for a week.


This one has no writing on the back. The trees are slightly raised.


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