Friday, December 23, 2011

having a good time

Christmas is almost here. I hope you all have some fun planned for the next few days, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. The rest of our small family has arrived in town and we shall now embark on the festivities. I have a pie in the oven and that is one of my last Christmas tasks.

Here is my final Christmas postcard for you. I am not a big collector of Santa Claus cards, but I like the uniqueness of this one and the sentiment. It was sent on Dec 24th, 1914 from Wattsburg, PA to Harborcreek, PA - a distance of about 18 miles.  See below for message on postcard

santa postcard from 1914

Dear Cousins,

Many thanks for my new mittens. I have a very bad cold 
so I don't feel very well. I hope Santa will bring you lots 
of nice things for Xmas.
Your cousin,

Happy Holidays to you all! Thank you for following this blog. 

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