Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gifts for Postcard Lovers

I love seeing postcards used for arts and crafts items. That's why I originally started collecting them - to use them in art projects (and to "save" them) and now I just collect them. Although I do still have many ideas all the time of projects to do - just little time.

Here are some neat things I have seen online that uses postcards. Maybe it will inspire you for a gift for the postcard lover in your life (and it's okay if that's you).

a post a plate from justnoey

A lovely way to keep your favorite postcards or love letters from Tuuni

There are lots of pendants on Etsy made from vintage postcards. I love that this one has the postmark on it, too. From Smokinmudproductions

Here is a pretty garland made from copies of old postcards. This is something you could make yourself or get from VintageScraps

This is an interesting way to use your vintage postcards. As a divider for a diy calendar. See more about this project on DesignSponge

Hope that gets you inspired. It totally gets me inspired. If you have any neat ideas for postcard crafts or postcard related gifts, please let me know. And if you need postcards or some unique stocking stuffers, please check out the shop. Thanks!


  1. I'm loving that last idea about a diy multi-year diary.

  2. These are just beautiful, I almost love the stamps and postmarks the most...

  3. These are all great ideas, although I have to work on that involuntary twitch I get when it comes to cutting up postcards or punching holes in them. The pendant idea is particularly good if you're dealing with a damaged card that wouldn't be of much use otherwise.