Sunday, October 3, 2010


I had a discussion with someone recently about collecting old photographs and she mentioned she likes to collect photos of women standing by themselves looking strong and solid. As soon as she mentioned it I realized that I am drawn to and collect those, too, without really realizing it.

The first image I thought of when she said that was this one of Ethel, that I absolutely adore.


I also really love this one. Just now after scanning it I could have lightened up to see more of the background, but it looks so good in the original dark state. I really like her outfit here. Such soft prettiness next to the industrial setting is great here.

dark girl

This next one is more about the freedom to have fun to me. I love the old Rink sign and that she had a fun filled day of skating, presumably, in that hat and long dress. Perhaps something that was scandolous and wild to the older generation.


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