Sunday, October 17, 2010

friend to friend

friend to friend

A little heartfelt message for you today on this sunny fall day. I have been happily taking care of many computer related projects today. If I only had about 1000 more days like this I might get caught up.

I added a couple listings to The Cedar Chest today. You have no idea how many things I have that I want to list in the shop. Just need to get the time. Today I listed a couple vintage 80's sewing patterns of my mom's and some really neat 1914 illustrated postcards of animals.

And one more thing, just between us, friend to friend. I got a somewhat exciting message from the legal dept of Warner Brothers a couple weeks ago asking if they could use a scan of a trade card I posted online for a film. I asked them, of course, what film it would be for. Figuring it would be some unknown small thing.

But, no, it is for the new Sherlock Holmes film! So, somewhere on the set of Sherlock Holmes apartment in the new Sherlock Holmes II film there will be a bulletin board and the trade card below will be there (from this earlier post).

I know that it probably won't even be visible, but I love that it will be there. And I think set dressing is so interesting and impressive. Every single item has to be made, bought or created. So much work and few people even see most of it! One of the things I like about watching movies I've seen many times is looking past the speaking actors and looking at the room, the decorations or the extras in the back.

Hope you all have a nice week!

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