Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Portland Looks Good

I bought this postcard when I was still living in California over ten year ago. I found a bookstore near me in Mountain View that had lots of postcards in the back and I poured over them. I was longing to move to Portland and I collected a number of postcards from Portland and the Pacific Northwest.

Portland does look good lately. Summer here is beautiful. Ten years ago this summer I moved to Portland. Although I miss Bay Area people and some things there, and am very glad I moved here.

This was sent March 6, 1911 to Miss A. Ashenberg
c/o Durkins Liquor Co. Spokane, Wa

Hello there Anna,

Portland looks good. We'll leave sometime this week for Seattle.

Tilly Huedefurdhl
Genr'l Delivery - Seattle


  1. That is a great postcard. It is amazing sometimes to sit there and look back on things like that from a time before you moved.

  2. Lovely PC! I hear Portland is an amazing city!