Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hope you are all having a nice 4th of July. I am using the day today to get to something I have meant to do for a while now.

A few months ago I got a box of vintage postcards from about a hundred years ago. All of them are very distressed and have holes in them. Every single one! What is that about? I have no idea, but I quickly realized that there is some freedom in the damaged postcards. If you like to use vintage postcards for your artwork, these are perfect. I always feel bad cutting up or gluing down a perfectly beautiful old postcard. I mean it survived 100 years or more and now I am going to just cut it up? But, these postcards are already damaged, so no guilt.

The other thing that is neat about these cards is how they look. I like the stained, distressed look of them. And this is real, too, not that tea stained manufactured distressed look.

You can see here a couple that happily fit the theme of the day. I have some listed on my Etsy shop, too. You get 10 assorted distressed postcards for only $3.00!

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