Sunday, August 16, 2009

portland history

One of the things I collect, like many Portland postcard folks, is Portland memorabilia. There is quite a bit of it at the Postcard Club and I often find some great things.

Yesterday I went to the club meeting for the first time in a while and ended up with some great finds. I wrote a bit about my visit on my other blog yesterday, check it out if you want a double dose (different item is shown).

I got this small felt pennant from the 60's there for a couple of bucks.

I also got these photo cards from a Portland restaurant that no longer exists. I don't know what the official name of these items is called, but it is a cardstock cover that folds over and covers the 5x7 photo that the restaurant's photographer takes of you as you are out on the town at their dining establishment. There are no photos inside, which makes me wonder of these came from the photographer's estate, Lillian Walker. A search for the restaurant and the photographer gave me nothing.

It looks like the house bands leader bought this restaurant about a decade later and renamed it after him.

Getting all dressed to go out to dinner and having people take your photos and all that has always been something I have wished I could of experienced. It seems it was more of an event back then.

This place looks especially neat because of the way the buildings are set up. Like going to grown-up camp for the night.

The spot where this restaurant was is not too exciting. I am thinking it was in the vacant lot, although some of it could be that housing development next to it. It looks kind of like it.

I love finding this kind of stuff and researching it. Can you tell? More neat finds to come and some new stuff to add to The Cedar Chest shop once I get the time.


  1. I think this might be where the gas station is now. I looked all over to see if I could find where this was, but no dice.

  2. It's actually behind the Mobile Home park, the little street takes you to Johnny Walker's home. My husband went to his estate sale a few months ago. The Mobile Home park was part of the property..check out the's name is Mobile Village.