Thursday, June 11, 2009

Victorian Drag

This photo is interesting in a number of ways. First, because it is a Victorian portrait of a guy in drag, but what is more interesting is that he signed his real name, he seems to have a black eye and he looks incredibly depressed. It is almost humorous. What is your take on it?


  1. Love it. The fact that he signed it suggests an actor.

    My grandparents had old photos of complete wedding parties in drag, apparently this was a thing to do for specific anniversaries. Maybe one of those got a bit drunk and rowdy, and this was the 'wedding photo' result.

    My other thought is that he lost a fight and/or bet.

    That *is* a very interesting photo. Thanks.

  2. Maybe he didn't like the idea of dressing up like a girl? It is hard to say--what an odd photo--especially considering the rather conservative type of society which existed then...