Sunday, January 18, 2009

new loot

This weekend I got a nice little bundle of new ephemera. Lots of cute things, including some awesome valentine things that I am hoping I will get up on time. Some of this will be in the shop and some I will post images of.

Here is a preview of what I got:

Below are 2 of my favorite new finds. I really like images of old stores where you can really see the merchandise. I love how grand and open the Marshall Field and Company Department store is in this photo. Man, I wish I could walk around a store like that. Look at how pristine the sections are. It looks like you were not able to just help yourself to the clothes. All the products are behind the counter and this store must of employed lots of young men and women working behind those counters. This store was in Chicago.

The following image is a pretty unique find. Someone snapped a Polaroid picture at this small grocery store . I like seeing the old packaging. Even the phone book hanging by a cord is something you see less and less.

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