Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Post

Welcome to my new blog, The Cedar Chest.

I have been a collector of vintage ephemera and photos for 15+ years. It is a pretty big part of me and yet I don't really comment about it that much. I wanted a place where I could share the images that are my favorites and also the vintage ephemera I am selling in my online Etsy shop, The Cedar Chest.

So, I am starting the posts off with some choice items I have tacked up (magnet board, actually) in my den. Some are new things that I put up there for a while so I can enjoy and some have been up for a long time.

Here is an image of a Victorian room. I have long been attracted to images of houses and have collected many. I have used some of them for my zine of house fictions, Current Resident.

It is somewhat rare to find images of houses without people in front of them, but it is even harder to find images of house interiors with no one in them. For a while now these have been something I have been interested in. Oh, how I wish I had images of the house I grew up in like this. Why didn't we think to do that!

I am looking forward to sharing more images with you, maybe even some from my past! I have lots of great old slides I have been scanning.

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