Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello Summertime

A couple days ago I went out to Sauvie Island and got some of the very small and very sweet Hood Strawberries that are in season here in Portland for only a few weeks. Today I attempted to make a couple jars of Strawberry jam. In my typical cooking fashion I kind of screwed it up, but, really strawberries and a little sugar, how bad could it be? It'll be delicious.

So, in honor of the summer, strawberries and all I wanted to add some new postcards to The Cedar Chest Shop.  Hope you are enjoying the bounty of June.

A new listing in the shop. Such a great photo from 1907. Click on photo to see the listing.

A  wonderful summer picnic, a faded memory - a faded photograph

These young women are ready for Summer. Imagine the adventures they had.

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