Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On the Shelf

vintage vacation response postcard - the cedar chest blog

I am very fond of this vacation response postcard I found a while ago. It was so common for people to send postcards from their vacations that response postcards were created. Who knew? This was the first one I've seen.

The message says:
Am glad you're having a high old time,
and I'd like to be there myself;
but there seems to be seasons for everything,
and I guess this is mine for the shelf.

Does this message sound a little bitter to you? Snarkyish? Ha! I find it funny, but aren't we are a little envious of people's vacations?

it might seem like I've been on the shelf here at the old Cedar Chest Blog. I have been busy and had other things that keep placing themselve in front of me. I've spent the last couple of days organizing all my ephemera (Um, yeah, I have WAY too much) and am going to posting more on the blog and in the shop soon (fingers crossed).

Are vacationing soon? I hope you have a high old time and that is said with no bitterness (unless you're going to Prince Edward Island).

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