Monday, August 27, 2012

college days

I love these two postcards. I didn't get them together, but they are connected in my mind by content and the image of the Gibson girl style on the cover. They both look like college girls to me.


On this card above, the sender wrote the caption at the bottom. I love her message inside. This was written in June 1911. Sent from Adele in Cleaveland to a Mr Stanlee Bates in Garretsville Ohio.

Mercy I thought college fellows always kept things going. 
Don't talk about the weather. I am simply melted. 
Am off for the day on a picnic at the beach, to bad you aren't here to go along. 
Was real glad to hear from you.



This one above was also sent from Cleaveland Ohio in May of 1908 to a Mr Roy Davidson in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It says on the front:

Don't say anything but Frank is almost engaged. 
He has the diamond ring but has not given it to her yet. 
She is a lovely girl.

Dear Cousin, this will show you what 
I am doing nowadays. [undecipheral word, looks like "Diging"]
Your cousin, Mary D

Well, I just realized I posted this top postcard last year about the same time! Oh, my. I am running out of memory about these things. Oh, well, let's call it an encore. The bottom one is new.

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