Friday, March 30, 2012


I don't have any April Fools Day cards. This is probably the closest thing I have.

I got this postcard from a wonderful guy named Al who is almost 90 years old and was one of the first members of The Webfooters Postcard Club.

This was sent in 1908, on April 8th. Looks like the fellow who sent it was playing some shows out of town.


This top part fold down and reveals her.....


...I don't even know. What is that? Some pale gelatin? Is that what aspic is? Ostrich eggs? Well, no matter. I'm sure it was rather naughty for some at the time.

  back of our waitress

This is the other side. Maybe it was sent open and then the person who received it, folded it. It looks like the fold was scored already. But, it doesn't say anywhere on it, "fold here". So, based on that I am now deciding that it was sent folded and the post office just had to straighten it out to stamp it.

Today is Postcard Friendship Friday. You can see more postcard blogs who participate at the blog The Best Hearts are Crunchy. Beth does a post there about April Fools Day and the connection of that day to fish. This is the first time I have ever heard of this, but she's got the postcards to prove it. Check it out.


  1. What a great card! I'll be smiling all day. Happy PFF!

  2. An amusing card. Thanks for sharing this. I am hosting a contest on my blog this weekend, please drop by and enter.

  3. That's really cool! I've never seen a postcard like that. It's funny how often vintage and antique postcards producers decided to go a little naughty back then. I guess that's what sold the best sometimes! Great post!

  4. Oh, dear, that is just so cute. LOL You made me giggle and that is great.

    Happy PFF.