Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am your friend

I am quite taken by the sentiment on the back of the portrait of this studious and very sincere seeming young man. On the back of this portrait it says:
With kind remembrance 
I am your Friend 
Henry Johnson

studious guy

I love that he just states it. Just in case the recipient isn't sure he is letting it be known and making the commitment. I think that's lovely and I think we should do that more.  Maybe we could start posting on facebook walls and just say "I am your Friend" (friend capitalized as he did) to friends we really feel committed to. I am totally serious about this. I am not making fun of it, in case you can't tell.

I just listed old Henry here and also the beautiful wistful portrait below on my Etsy shop.  Her signature on the back is hard to see (partly damaged) but she also tells the recipient they are an old friend.

wistful lady

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