Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Come Meet Karolyn Grimes, "Zuzu" from It's a Wonderful Life at The Webfooters Post Card Show this weekend

I can't believe I forgot to mention this is my earlier post, but perhaps it's best because it merits it's own entry. There will be a celebrity at The Webfooter's Postcard Show this weekend and I'm betting she was in one of your all time favorite films.

Pretty much everyone loves the film It's a Wonderful Life. Many of us may have even seen it more than any other film. One of the most memorable scenes is when George Bailey, who's at his wit's end, visits his daughter Zuzu who has a cold.

Karolyn Grimes is the woman who played Zuzu in this film and she appeared in many other films during her childhood. It's super exciting that she will be at The Webfooters Postcard Show and Sale this weekend. She'll have a table and will be selling and signing memorabilia. I really like this 8x10 image of the whole cast:

Karolyn was also in another great Christmas film, The Bishops Wife. This is a lovely film. And Cary Grant and Loretta Young are so wonderful in it.

So, come by The Webfooters Show this weekend and meet a woman who was a part of some of the most classic films made. You can learn more about Karolyn Grimes at her website.

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  1. She looks fabulous!

    I certainly plan to be there this weekend - without spousal supervision or time limits. Woohoo!