Wednesday, March 16, 2011

living the green

I don't seem to have a St Patrick's day card, so instead I'm offering you this postcard for my St Patrick's Day Greetings.

green room

This postcard has not turned or faded that I can tell. This was a choice that this lady, Betty Roux, seems to have made. She was a professional design and color consultant for Fuller Paint Co in Santa Rosa.

This is a postcard to advertise her services and the impressive room in their Santa Rosa office.

Being a fan of green and yellow, I can imagine that this room looked really great in person - in natual light. But, the florescent lights are not a good choice and the photo is just doomed.

Also, it seems like this would be the last room you would want to choose wallpaper or paint color's in. Everything would have a green cast to it.

Anyway, I admire her moxy and her commitment to the green theme.

Happy St Patricks Day! I think I might dye some food item green in Betty's honor.


  1. She looks like some cult leader. Is her picture really on the postcard like that? Totally rad. I fear that once you step into that green room, your family will lose all connection with you forever, as you become a member of the Greenies. Scary stuff.

  2. Christine,

    She totally looks like some cult leader! I can't believe I forgot to comment on her huge happy face looking over her domain. The florescent lights just seem to be lighting her way. Let's face it, she is awesome - although I wish she'd have worn a matching outfit. :-)

  3. Haha. Yes the lovely cult leader should have matched her room.