Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Party

I'm so pleased with this old photo that I got at the last Postcard Club meeting. It's of what looks like to be a Valentine's Day Party.


It's a group of woman, a table set with tea and snacks and homemade paper valentine decorations all around. I love that the photographer was more interested in getting a good shot of the table than the people.

I was so charmed by all the red paper hearts, I wanted to tint them all. This is a photo I really wish I could see in color.

tinted valentines day party

Valentines Day is coming up. Maybe you're gonna have a little party. You can get some ideas from this photo and there's lots of great ideas in this old 1935 Children's Holiday Book I posted about previously. The illustrations in that book are gorgeous.

I posted a few new things in the shop yesterday:



  1. They may not be smiling, but you do get a sense of joyousness anyway. I like the hearts red!

  2. I agree, Christine, you do get the sense they are having fun. Thanks!