Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ghost Story

I really love the deep colors of this old illustration and the detail of the room. The image was used to sell cough syrup around 1860. Hard to believe this is around 150 years old and it still looks so rich and not faded.

the ghost story

the ghost story-back

It came to me torn, but from this blog I found what it says at the top:

The Ghost Story - "The moral of this, the Sixteenth Card of our Series, is that, if young ladies would avoid creating a scene, similar to the one of the artist, Mr. R. W. Buss, gives us in this admirable picture, they had better forego reading ghost stories at bed-time."

Turns out Mr R.W. Buss is a pretty big deal in London history. He illustrated some Dicken books. Here is more info on Robert William Buss.

The medicine that this illustration was for Dr. Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge. Dr Jayne's Family Medicine was a long lived and very successful company. It was around from 1843-1930 and they spared no expense getting the best illustrators for their products.

Wonderful illustrations for packagaing and advertising insured that people would be more likely to remember the product, even people who couldn't read and it also meant people would keep your illustrations for a long time - which is why we still have them now. People tucked them away and really valued them - even torn. I like that this is torn - it adds something to it.

I often don't know when I start these posts where they will lead. It is so neat to be able to learn more about these items instantly. Thanks, internet. I love you.

Oh and speaking of love. I've added some new vintage Valentine finds to The Cedar Chest shop. More to come soon.


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  1. I posted this same one a while back ( It's interesting to see three different blog posts and three different approaches to the card. They must have printed a lot of those!