Thursday, April 15, 2010

Postcard Social Event of the Year!

You know what I hate? Computer viruses! Yep, my computer at home has some and they are not going away. It is because of this that I have not been updating and why it has taken me too long to tell you about the events this weekend. If you are in the Portland area I hope you can take part in the Webfooters big weekend.

This weekend is the annual Webfooters Postcard Show and Sale at the Jackson Armory in Portland. Two days of people selling some incredible postcards, photos and ephemera. Last year I got these amazing matchbooks. And lots of other things, too.

It's all kicked off tomorrow night with the Webfooters Dinner and Auction. It's too late to get in on the dinner, but I am pretty sure you can still come to the auction. You can see what is up for auction here. You can also email proxy bids, but you need to be quick about, I just looked at all the lots and there are some really neat things in there.

Then Saturday and Sunday there will be selling and a silent auction and one short live auction on Saturday around noon. There are lots of tables and lots of things besides postcards and photographs. There is usually ephemera, magazines, comic books, coins, stamps, greeting cards and all kinds of stuff.

Hope you can come by, Please spread the word!

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