Saturday, November 7, 2009

autumn celebrations

Here is a collection of family slides that I have scanned recently. All show off autumn and it's celebrations.

Above is my mother in Yosemite. We went one year in November to celebrate my parents anniversary. That year it landed on Thanksgiving and my mom made this amazing Thanksgiving dinner in the motor home. I am guessing it was about 1973. It was a nice trip but a little strained. although I couldn't have named it back then. By the next anniversary they were getting a divorce.

This is me with a new Light Brite game probably around early November 1969. I am pretty sure I got it for my birthday. My favorite part of this pic is my bedspread. I had forgotten what that looked like. Also I do look very content with my new toy.

This is my grandmother, my Dad's mother, Alta. I love this photo because she looks so happy. I also love that I can see her kitchen in the background. This is the only old slide I have found from the kitchen. I loved that old small house they had in the hills above Santa Barbara.

I remember one year when there was a lot of talking about how Grandma was going to cook the Turkey in a paper bag. I think the men thought it wouldn't work. Maybe that is why she looks so happy because it did and it was great. I think she always cooked it like that from then on.

Here is an old slide of my sister and me at a waterfall on that same Yosemite Trip. It was so pretty there at that time of year - and cold.

I am getting ready to go on a little trip myself this week, to the coast and then to the Mountains. No fancy trips on planes for me. But, really what more could you ask for - the ocean and the woods - the sunsets and the rivers, and cozy warmth inside while watching the waves and the rain fall on the gold and orange trees. Yep, looking forward to it. Hope you all have a good week.

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  1. Great slides. I know I would have loved your grandmother; I can tell just by looking at her picture. Your double exposures from a previous post are also wonderful.