Sunday, October 18, 2009

fall colors

I finally got to see a lot of fall colors this weekend. It was beautiful. I thought this was a good time to post a couple of my favorite autumny postcard.

This postcard is from Europe and has no writing on it. It says it is a Photochromie on the back. Here is a bit of info I just found on that:

Photochromie (Vidal Process)
A variation of the photochrom process invented in 1875 by Leon Vidal. It was a hybrid of chromolithography with elements of the photographic reproductive methods used to create woodburytypes. It produced very high quality reproductions but it was a difficult and expensive process and rarely used. Nenke & Ostermaier patented the process in Saxony and used this method to create high quality postcards. The process was later adapted to the offset press.

This mill reminds me of one in Washington that we go to most years. You can see pics of it here.

I wish these linen postcards scanned better. The colors in the linen postcards are so beautiful.

I have a fondness for canoes.

This postcard was sent in Sept 1948 from Saint Cloud Minnesota to Yakima Washington. Dorothy told Marie about the gloomy weather in the mountains and about shopping and having lunch with Elizabeth in town.

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