Wednesday, March 21, 2012


People often ask me at Vintage shows what I collect and I can never answer since so much of what I collect is just based on if I like it. But, one thing I can say that I do collect is photos of the inside of people's houses.

 I love finding vintage photos of interiors of houses with no one in the picture. It is kind of rare. I mean have you ever taken a picture of your living room or bedroom with no one in it? Most people haven't. I recommend it. I would love to have pictures of the house I grew up in now. Especially my bedroom, where no photos of people were ever taken. I got these recently at the last Webfooters club meeting. This one below looks like maybe from the early 1940's? I'm not sure, but I love the plants and the wicker. Looks like a magazine layout.

  wicker-interiorThis one is most likely from the early 1900's. I love find photos like this that show the way people showed off the photos and postcards that I now collect. This looks like it may be the bedroom.

  1900's interior I think I'll start a pinterest board for vintage interiors. Check out my boards if that interests you.

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